Why Should I Pressure Wash or Power Wash My Home?

Power Washing Your Investment

power-washingKeeping your home clean on the inside if just not enough.  Here at homepowerwash.com we like to stress the importance of “protecting your investment”.  You may have a maid to clean the inside of your home, a gardener to keep up your lawn, you probably take your car to the car wash or may even have a auto detailer come on a regular basis.  But what do you do to keep up the outside exterior of your home well kept?

After a while the exterior of any building will become filthy from dirt and grime, but it’s not supposed to remain unattended. Dirt and grime only make your property stand out in your neighborhood as an eye-sore, but mold and fungus are the big problem!

Mold serves as an alert system that will warn you of your home’s exterior that may be vulnerable to more serious kinds of decay. When moisture collects, mold will follow, and where mold thrives, rotting will soon occur, especially in vulnerable, porous materials like stucco and wood.  By identifying exterior mold and treating its causes, you can stop structural decay problems before the start.  Even a brand new home has potential for mold and mildew issues unless all the materials that were used to build the home have been treated before incorporated in the structure, and that’s a rare occurrence even in custom home’s.  Mold is a fact of life.

Pressure washing also call power washing, may seem like something that’s easily done to remove mildew and mold from your deck, patio and siding. However, many homeowners have found that there is quite more involved than just renting a machine and blasting it off your property. Over the years it has become a skill that most homeowners have decided that they don’t have the time or patience to learn how to do power wash properly.

The proper chemicals, combined with the right pressure are the best tools to wash the grim and mold from your home.  When performed properly you can really turn your home’s exterior back to the beauty it was meant to have.