Copper Gutters Are in Huge Demand

The New Sleek, Contemporary Rain Gutters of Today

gutter-cleaningSeamless copper rain gutters are here to stay and they make a beautiful addition to any home.  Lately I have been noticed an increased use of copper gutters on new home construction and remodels.

Copper brings a certain aesthetic to a home’s facade, appealing to property owners looking to customize their home. Over time copper rain gutters will oxidize and can give a look of patina. Copper can turn several different shades and colors over time when exposed to the air. Copper will turn from a shiny- new- penny look to dark brown within the first year. Over the next 30-75 years, copper will turn from a streaky green to a darker greenish color and eventually to a blue-green color.

Gutter systems can be put under a lot of stress whenever there is significant rainfall, making copper a sound choice for the home that are exposed to excessive wear and tear.

Copper gutters can be expected to be a low-maintenance part of your building. Soft-wash pressure washing generally works well to clean the regular debris that all gutter systems occasionally need.  Copper gutters will not need to be repainted or re-sealed over their lifespan copper gutters.

Copper gutters usually require installation from a trained technician. And, usually come in an array of sizes and shapes. Some of these include: Traditional “K-Style”, “European and Mediterranean “Half Round”, Fascia Style “Angle Faced”, and Contemporary “Box Style” A good company will often have a representative come out to your residence to measure and provide you with an estimate. Copper sits at the high-end of the gutter market, selling for anywhere from $12-25 per linear foot.