Cleaning Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl fencing has recently become a popular choice among home owners. With the many design choices available, it’s versatile and affordable.  The vinyl fencing available today comes in different colors and textures. With no visible parts, it provides a clean, fresh look.  And, the materials are free of harmful chemicals making it an environmentally wise choice.


Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl fencing has been around for a long time but started becoming more used in the late 80’s.  Homeowners found that the flexibility of vinyl makes it a good choice in places that are prone to extreme weather conditions such as strong winds and rain.

Most vinyl fencing today are strong and well-designed and do not require wood inside to hold them up.  Vinyl is nearly five times stronger than wood. Wood fencing is also more likely to break due to wear and tear and exposure. It does not decompose like wood and is rust free.  And, you won’t have to worry about termites. This means you are getting your monies worth when buying vinyl fencing.  Vinyl also maintains its look and does not require painting. It never needs refinishing. The material is built to last and maintains its original condition for years.

Pressure Washing Your Vinyl Fence

In general vinyl fencing is an excellent fencing solution.  It has quickly becoming one of our biggest pressure washing requests. If you need your fencing power washed please give us a call at (714) 401-7197 and let us provide you with an estimate.