Getting Your Home Pressure Washed Before Painting

Prepping Your Home by Having it Pressure Washed Before Painting

pressure washedGetting your home professionally pressure washed before painting is probably the most important step before getting your house painted. Proper preparation insures a positive outcome, as painting over a dirty surface does not yield good or long-lasting results.

Even if you think your home is not dirty, fine particles of filth that you may not see will wash off. A thorough cleaning of your siding or stucco also includes killing mold and mildew. This will create a better bond between the house and paint making the paint last longer and make it more resistant to rain and heat.

The water pressure in a power washer is typically somewhere between 2,200 and 3,500 psi, which is a huge difference from the amount of water pressure in your garden hose. That isn’t going to do much to clean off that grime. It may the loose bits of dirt, but you won’t however, be able to take off the dirt that has been cemented in old paint from years of harsh weather.

Pressure washing is the fastest and most effective way to wash a house before painting it as long as you do it properly. Pressure washing is not an easy task for a novice, so call us today to get an estimate on your home or business.