Exterior Home Cleaning After a Wildfire

Pressure Washing After a Wildfire

Ash rained down on Orange County this October, as two wildfires erupted near Anaheim Hills and the Corona area.  If your home was exposed to wildfire smoke and ash, you will want to make sure it gets properly cleaned/treated and restored to pre-exposure condition. Once your home has been cleared for reentry by your local fire authority, take basic precautions and be aware of hazards to your health and safety.

There may be smoke damage and soot on the exterior of your home after the fire. With the use of protective equipment, such as masks, rubber gloves, rubber boots, long sleeved shirts and pants, you can do some things on your own, if you don’t hire a professional pressure washer to restore the exterior beauty of your home.

Having a professional pressure washer clean the exterior of your home, driveways, walkways,  vehicles, patios, decks and outdoor furniture is one of the best choices you can make.  They will start by clearing your roof and gutters of any ash paying special attention to corners and ledges prone to build-up. They also will rinse off air intakes and air conditioners.

If you have trouble removing ash from your yard, lightly water it with a garden hose for about a week to help it recede into the ground.