Keeping Your Skylights Clean

clean skylightAbout Skylights

A skylight is a type of window that has been installed in your roof that lets in daylight. A skylight can provide lighting, ventilation, and even a view. Having a skylight in your home will bring in the natural sunlight, allowing more than three times as much light as an upright window of the same size. And, bringing more of the outdoors inside.  Businesses may also use skylights to reduce energy usage.

Maintaining Your Skylight

Most manufactures recommend having your skylights cleaned every six months.  If not, a buildup and accumulation will occur of dirt, mold, condensation and more.  This could leave your skylight looking clouded. And, it could also cause permanent damage to the skylight material, reducing light penetration.

Why Use a Professional to Clean Your Skylight

Spider webs and dust can be brushed away with a soft extension tool. We recommend using a professional to clean your skylights.  Inexperienced window cleaners could cause more harm to your window.  Plexiglass skylights are especially prone to becoming scratched from minute amounts of dirt or any other abrasive material, and chemicals found in some cleaners can eat away into the protective film.

Because skylights are so difficult to access, and sometimes dangerous to clean. Our experienced team are fully equipped with the tools, equipment, and expertise necessary to thoroughly clean skylights in any part of your home.

Keep your skylight looking good for years and keep enjoying our blue sky’s from inside your own home.